"Rock Pop Culture Meets Web3"

Collections of never before seen, unique classic rock pop culture artifacts, offer a backstage and beyond glimpse into the lives of rock’s greatest musicians, artists, and performers. Featuring collaborative elements from widely renowned contemporary artists, each collection exhibits a distinct style while celebrating the reveal of these dynamic moments from rock history.


"Where Rock History meets the Digital Art Revolution."

RockMoney is a decentralized art and culture collective designed to educate people on the power of Web3, blockchain technology, and decentralized to drive financial security directly in the hands of participants, and give the power of currency back to the people. A portion of proceeds from the RockMoney project will go towards the proliferation of educational materials to help empower newcomers to the blockchain ecosystem on best practices, and how they can seize their own financial future and achieve independence from central fiscal infrastructures.


Arthur J. Williams Jr. (Artist)

Infamous counterfeiter turned master painter, Arthur J Williams, saw his art undergo a transformation in prison and since has obtained recognition for his art the world over. His renowned exhibitions have attracted high profile collectors.

Scott Page (Musician)

Musician, technologist, entrepreneur, and Web3 advocate Scott Page, is widely recognized in rock circles as the saxophonist/guitarist for Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto. Today he pioneers the digital transformation of music with blockchain technology as the CEO of Think NFT.

RockMoney.io (NFT Collection)

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